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  1. [EVENTS] Systray alerts
  2. The *Unofficial* Translating Begins
  3. [EVENTS] Sending your buddy a message when they sign-on
  4. [IRC] [EVENTS] Changing your IRC nick by putting up an away message using events
  5. [EVENTS] List of Variables
  6. [LANGUAGE PACK]: German Language Pack
  7. [PLUGIN] Spelling dictionary (get a FIXED one here!)
  8. [PLUGIN] British Dictionary for Spellchecker
  9. [IRC] Little workaround for IRC nick bug
  10. [IRC] Auto-op other users on IRC
  11. [PLUGIN] Exploiting the News plugin
  12. [AIM] Trillian says I have mail, but I don't have a AOL account!
  13. [EVENTS] Logging off using events
  14. [ICQ] I am not showing up online to my contacts
  15. [LANGUAGE PACK]: Danish Language Pack!
  16. [EVENTS] Complex Events
  17. [EVENTS] Trillian on Two PCs, or, how to sign on to your other computer without sitting at it.
  18. [ICQ] Saving numbers to contacts
  19. [IRC] efnet server list
  20. fixing the mem drain bug
  21. [PLUGIN] Winamp Plugin Fun
  22. [ADV. PRO 2 PLUGIN] Listen to your Winamp playlist at work
  23. [Contact List] Reset Custom Contact Names
  24. [EVENTS] [WORD MATCHING] Remotely shut down Trillian
  25. Trillian on a keydrive version 2
  26. Basic Tips and Tricks?
  27. Stop the window popups! Notify me via the systray.
  28. Transfer Trillian to another computer (Also works as a backup)
  29. [GENERAL] Trillian Command line switches
  30. How to create a Meta-Contact
  31. Trillian in Swedish
  32. Encrypted remote access with IM Everywhere
  33. Setting away status from script
  34. Aikon3 and low CPU usage
  35. Chat window commands
  36. Delete logs on exit
  37. You can stream a song by sending an MP3 file